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The Ice Axe Foundation Impact School works with unique partners around the globe to provide students with exceptional, experiential, and expeditionary learning opportunities through relevant, challenging, and empowering curriculum that will equip them with a dynamic, diverse, and necessary skill set to become leaders and problem solvers for the 21st Century.

Unique Opportunities

The Ice Axe Impact School offers students transformational learning opportunities through special global partnerships that have been cultivated to offer unique educational experiences. Our bioregional, biocultural, regenerative approach leverages relationships in inspiring places that gives students the chance to learn in a vibrant, living classroom. While each course is one-of-a-kind, a common thread is each lesson bridges scholarship with experience through a multifaceted curriculum that is both memorable and challenging.

Our course offerings are transdisciplinary. Curriculum is designed to meet high schoolers through undergraduates where they are and bring them to a higher place of learning. Courses are written to work within seasonal fluctuations, and can be modified based on individual students and/or institution needs. Whether it is a Spring break, Summer experience, or Fall/Winter special topics offering, join the Ice Axe Impact School for an unforgettable journey that embodies active learning through passionate education.

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Guiding Themes: Sustainability, History, Climate Change, Politics, Conservation, Preservation, Community, Place, Science, Nature, Context, Business, Economics, Society, Ecology, Action Research, Athletic Adventure, Biocultural Diversity, Arts, Cross-Cultural Immersion, Civics, Ethics, Journalism, Media, Food, Agriculture, Service Learning.

Natural History of the Redwoods, California
Natural History of the Redwoods

California, USA, 9 days, $4,200

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Sustainable Ways of Knowing, Greenland
Sustainable Ways of Knowing

Sisimiut, Greenland, 14 days, $7,500

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska, USA, 14 days, $5,800
Late Summer

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Antarctic Peninsula
Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic, 12 days, $15,000
Early November

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Amazon Biocultural Diversity
Amazon Biocultural Diversity

Rio Negro, Brazil, 12 days, $6,500
Early October

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Bonobo Wildlife Refuge
Bonobo Wildlife Refuge

Congo, Africa, 14 days, $9,000
Late Summer

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Range of Light Natural History Ski Traverse
Range of Light Natural History Ski Traverse

High Sierra California, USA, 7 Days, $2,000

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Be the Change: Lobbying Capital Hill
Be the Change: Lobbying Capital Hill

Washington D.C., USA, 7 Days, $3,000
Spring / Summer / Fall

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Gross National Happiness in the Himalayas
Gross National Happiness in the Himalayas

Bhutan, 10 Days, $5,800
Summer / Fall

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Create your own exceptional experience. Pick a place, choose a topic, tell us about your dream itinerary. At the Ice Axe Impact School we are confident in our global partnerships and educational platforms to help take your vision from theory to reality.


  • Himalayan Institute of Alternatives - Ladakh, India
  • Sustainable Living - Mongolia
  • Canadian Arctic Ecology - Baffin Island, Canada
  • South American Resilience - Bolivia, Ecuador
  • Antarctic Bioregion Tour - South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula
  • Lapland Traverse - Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia
  • Asian Modernity - China
  • Siberian Environment and Community - Russia
  • Southeastern Asian Studies - Indonesia
  • Oceania Climate and Culture - Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
  • Mt. Blanc Observatory Floral, Faunal, and Climate Studies - France
  • Tahoe Rim Trail Backpacking and Cultural Ecology - California, Nevada, USA

About Douglas Stoup

The world's leading polar guide, Douglas has numerous firsts to his name. He has skied to both the North and South Poles more than anyone on the planet. He continues to push the limits of human endurance while raising funds for charities, collecting scientific data for climate change scientists, and leading disabled adventurers to the polar environments.

His experiences are as unique and uncommon as the messages he imparts to others. It's only through immense focus, perseverance, and hard work that Douglas has accomplished unheard of feats throughout his career. Sharing the challenges, achievements, and lessons of his adventures, either through keynotes, workshops, or actual expeditions, is one of Douglas' principle rewards.

After years of leading expeditions to some of the most awe-inspired landscapes on earth, while working with place-based locals on the ground, Douglas saw the viability of offering young adults the opportunity for impactful education far beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. Thus the Ice Axe Impact School was born.

About Brennan Lagasse

An educator, writer, and PHD candidate, Brennan is a life-long learner that has been intimately engaged in higher education for two decades. Beyond his roles as both a teacher and student, Brennan has also worked as a writer, ski guide, and mountain athlete that has curated as well as lead numerous expeditions across the world.

His experiences as a guide have often fostered positive life experiences for his clients, much like the time he has spent in the classroom as an educator with his students. To leverage the best of both worlds, Brennan has been working to combine his guiding and teaching skill sets to bridge unique, exceptional learning opportunities that speak to the potential of transdisciplinary, multifaceted learning environments.

A holistic, creative thinker, Brennan continues to focus on the dynamic platform inspirational educational opportunities provide. Believing in the many teachable moments of any given day, Brennan understands that a memorable experience can change a students life for the better, forever. Through the Ice Axe Impact School he believes students will receive an unforgettable experience that will help support them on a path of individual enlightenment, and community oriented global stewardship.

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